Hummm… Should She?

All Hallows Eve

is approaching…

Shall I write something spooky??  Scary??  Haunting??

I just crawled out of Hell!!

There did that scare the shit out of you??

She throws her head back and laughs.  Nobody else finds it funny.  She laughs to herself.  She may be mad.  She probably is.  She has crawled out of Hell, what do you expect.  She sits on her bed with her laptop waiting for the fucking floor to drop, or the ceiling, or maybe the walls to crumble.  Any of those things, or none.  She would not be fazed.  She is both alive and dead.  Fingers typing faster than her mind can think.  Making up for weeks of neglect.  Her mind jumping between visions of fantasy and reality, heaven (no fuck, not heaven, just life) and hell, mostly hell.  She is sane, probably not sable, but most don’t like her that way anyway.  She’d do pretty much anything for a beer and a hard throbbing cock right now, but sits alone and bed and writes about it instead.  She has found that turning off a laptop is much easier than kicking a man out of her bed.

So back to.. should she write something scary or haunting for All Hallows Eve??


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