Witches Brew


He called me a Witch
I giggled
He really had
no idea

I got super close
whispered in his ear
Oh, just wait
just you wait
My Dear

I ran my finger
up the length of his back
his neck
pulled him in for a kiss
then pulled back
just a bit

Told him
you’re gonna have to wait
for this

I pulled
just one tiny piece of his hair
he didn’t notice
didn’t care

He watched my ass
as I sashay away
I blew him a kiss
call me later

Hair, in hand
trickery on my mind
hard men like him
are tasty
to find

Back at the forest
throw hair into cauldron
stoke the fire
this potion
starts bubbling

He called me Witch
he’ll have to wait and see
call me later
the drinks
are on me

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