This Moment

The world outside is cruel
a violent mess

Inside we shut it down a moment
read our bodies
facial cues

We get lost in US
in our
pseudo reality

as our bodies touch
our minds
set free

We shut it down a moment
live while we’re alive

the world outside is cruel
for this moment
we stay inside


7 thoughts on “This Moment

      • I’m sorry to editorialize here BB, but I have plenty of words at the moment.
        It definitely won’t end there…especially when a radical fringe group of pseudo religious zealots are bent on exterminating anyone with a different way of life. They are the epitome of intolerance, but it is social taboo to say that out loud (oops, I just did) because we may offend the intolerant person that wishes to separate us from our head. So some tell themselves that love and understanding will change their heart and prevail. Reality says otherwise, yet precious few are brave enough to live in the real world. Fantasy and dreams of utopia are so much more warm and comfortable. Pop the pill, take the drink and spin that old Grateful Dead LP. Lets all just love each other until the next generation of jihadists use our head as a soccer ball in the streets. Damn, I love sarcasm. πŸ˜‰
        I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I know “spreading the love” isn’t it.
        It is not possible to have a rational conversation with an someone possessing an irrational mind. We all just need more hugs, right?

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