I have deleted more words in the last month then I have written in the last three years.  My words can no longer stop nor bring my tears.  I am numb.  The blood that used to boil within my veins now refuses to even flow.  Death does not even welcome me.  I have become a shell of my former self, spending too many days wishing I were someone else.  So now, as even my words fail me, I struggle to give this life meaning.

16 thoughts on “11-23-15

  1. Hopefully, this just means you have a clean slate of white space to create when you’re done with your break. Sorry I can’t like this one…I had a fleeting thought of a girly collab to do with you…I’ll email you soon but understand if you’re not in the mood.


  2. I can sort of relate to this…I’m deleting my site next month. I don’t want to write these things anymore. There’s more to it but yep. I’ve adored your words and expressions for a long time. Thank you for your kind words over the years. They meant a lot.

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  3. You’re so passionate and raw- I understand this feeling completely. Lately I wake up to an elephant crushing my heart- he won’t go away. And getting through each day is exhausting. You’re such a beautiful person, you are real and your presence matters. Im here if you ever need.

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