What Will I Do??

I tried to write again today
the words, they just fell away

Much like the tears I tried to cry
turned to concrete in my eyes

What will I do?

The question floats in the air
I’ve little to give anymore

My heart is dead
I’ve forgotten how to care

Everything around me
it’s true, fades to black

I wear my best friend
in a vial around my neck

My heels echo though hospital halls
I’ve come to know
the ICU far too well

Death, disease
surrounding me
not to mention the state of my Country

What will I do??

I let the question fade to black
I’m dead inside
I fear there’s no turning back

6 thoughts on “What Will I Do??

  1. Sad, but beautiful poem, and a perfect song choice. It brought back memories of the earlier part of the last decade when bands like Staind, Evanescence, Chevelle and Linkin Park came up with their best material.

    Liked by 1 person

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