A Morning Prayer


Why do you continue to test me

Am I not as strong as you need me to be

How much more will I need to take

Will you pile it on until I break

My shoulders are small, my skin is thin

I beg for mercy, confess my sin

My eyes are tired, my heart is weak

I fall humbly to my knees

Praying for one simple moment of peace

Still I know, I’m more Blessed then most

I chastise myself for losing Hope

I am but one grain of sand

Of all that you hold dear within your hands

If strength is given each time I fall

Then let me be the strongest woman of all

I beg for guidance and wisdom along the way

Because mornings like this, take my breath away

*It is said that we are not given more than we can handle.  Some of us are living proof that a person can handle an awful lot before they lose their minds.  Or, then again, maybe some people lose their minds and never even realize it.



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