Yesterday my phone chimed, alerting me of breaking news. “Prince dead at 57”, was the simple statement.

Fade to purple as my mind is filled with thousands upon thousands of song lyrics.

Oh yes I know we have lost too many great musicians this year.  All of them tragic and tremendous losses to the music industry.  Each an icon in their own right.  And now, The Purple One has been taken from us.  My heart is heavy indeed.

For myself Prince’s music was indeed The Revolution.  The sexual revolution.  Up until I heard his Controversy album I liked music, some forms of course better than others; but still, music was for listening to, maybe on occasion dancing.  You see I was a teenager in the Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb time frame, and for a kid like me that was fine for Teen magazines but not really exciting musically.  I was a bit of a rebel and to my parent’s dismay I would sneak in some Queen and Alice Cooper.  Still not the same, still just music for me.  I hadn’t found “my” grove yet.

Then one Friday night I was staying at a friends house and her sister played Prince’s Controversy Album.  That was it for me.  It took me someplace music had never taken me before.  I felt it.  I felt it in my nipples and in my thighs. I felt it tingling in my fingers and glinting in my eyes.  It made me bite my lip and catch my breath.  Music did this to me.  It was wonderful.  I really didn’t understand the idea of sexy, but I knew that this is what it felt like.  This music made me feel sexy, and I liked it.  That weekend I bought myself a copy of  1999 and played it every chance I could.  I was hooked.  I had no idea who Prince was, but I was hooked.

So of course when Purple Rain the movie came out I had to go see it.  I was very surprised by the appearance of Prince.  He was very petite and almost feminine.  Oh, but he had that soft shy sexy smile that grabbed you and didn’t let you go.  You wanted to hold him, comfort him, and do naughty things with him all at the same time.  It was a very odd feeling.

All of my boy friends were very manly and in fact thought Prince’s music was too feminine.  I think it was a stigmata at that point in time.  I think it was fear.  For me, it was a sexual revolution.  Finding my own grove through music.  A grove that awakened my sexy side, my inquisitive side, my musical style.  It was a game changer for me, to feel the music.  I am forever indebted to Prince and his Revolution.

Thank You Prince, you will be missed.



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