One Way Street (a duet with BruisedBelly)

I have always admired Devonne’s writing, art, and musical posts. She has no trouble saying what is on her mind, whether that be calling someone out on their shit, or crying out to a friend in need. Her fearlessness is what first drew my attention, what has kept me coming back time and again, and the reason I knew we would be a great duet team. If you don’t already know her site, please take the time to explore. She is brilliant, and I love her.

8 thoughts on “One Way Street (a duet with BruisedBelly)

  1. There’s that spark I love so much!! That “Fuck you very much” attitude.
    It is one of the first facets of your personality that caught my attention.
    You and Devonne nailed it with this one. Bravo ladies, Bravo.

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