I’ve Forgotten

Digging through the vault…… I’d forgot this poem existed…

The Migraine Chronicles


Forgive me please

forgive me Boy

I have forgotten the feeling

you gave to me

I have forgotten the way

you made my blood boil

the way you made me smile

I have forgotten

how you touched my hand

and looked into my eyes

the way you always knew

the pain behind my lies

I have forgotten how

to dance without a song

forgotten conversations

into the night so long

I have forgotten

how to giggle and laugh

and the worst confession

that I have

Boy, I have forgotten

how to play

you know that is hard for me to say

please forgive me

please don’t be mad

I have forgotten

and I feel so bad

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Forgotten

  1. The beauty of forgetting is that what has been lost can be remembered with nothing more than a hint of what once was…. and in fact still is. Sometimes it is there, but buried under so much clutter and noise.
    It’s there, no doubt about it.

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