of losing you

I thought a year of mourning
would somehow lessen the blow
but it hasn’t

and I know

Everything I’ve tried
and everything I do
will never
take away the pain

of losing you

I thought if I ignored it
if I wished it all away
I would somehow be immune
from the pain

of coming days

I thought If I hid away
locked inside
my own self
cut off communication
didn’t talk

with anyone else

If I stayed away from places
where we used to hang
I thought naively

I would be okay

Now it’s been a year
that feels like yesterday
I stumble over words
whose meanings

slip away…

6 thoughts on “of losing you

  1. I have been here. I remember how this felt. The world righted itself for me, ending up giving me my King; but, for years I was on a destructive path due to missing him so desperately. I remember passing a local Starbucks where we would meet for coffee…felt like my heart was going to fall out the front of my chest. Great post.

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