Sarah & Charles ~ An Introduction

Currently my favorite characters / fantasy. 🙂

To Tell A Story

They sat together, close, a little too close some of the other passengers think. “Lovers”, scoffs Mrs. Hamilton, who is sitting the row behind. This just makes Sarah giggle, which in turns makes Charles grin and lean in even closer to her. He whispers “lovers” into her ear just before he nibbles it. They sit close. They hold hands and smile at each other. They are happy.
They have been planning this trip for a long time, two years in fact. Almost from the moment they exchanged their first smile at Momma’s Coffee House. Sarah was in such a rush, as she stopped in to grab her usual mocha to take to her meeting. She hardly noticed the very handsome stranger chuckling to himself as she rushed by, in her Tasmanian Devil style whirlwind, delighting everyone in her path. She hardly noticed him, that is, until she turned to leave…

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