Halloweenie ~ A Duet

A Halloween Story with Nottooold2

A windy, chilly All Hallows Eve
My baby cuddled up on the couch with me
A creak, a crack, what can that be?
My big strong man gets up to see

On highest alert I scan for danger
Apparition, ghost or stranger
No demon or ghoul, nothing to fear
For here in my arms, there is safety my dear

Relaxed and cozy, my mind at ease
Easily getting back to my baby’s needs
A moan, a groan, did I hear a howl
With devilish eyes, he pulls me to the shower

A howl and growl from deep within
Breath and heart racing, ready for sin
With nibble and bite passions ignite
Feigning a struggle, as lovers do fight

Naked, wet, soapy and slick
She whispers to him, “treat or a trick”
Before he answers, she’s on her knees
Taking her own treat, his Halloweenie


If you have not already read Insecurely Confident I highly recommend you do (seriously, highly), or I’ll put a spell on you.  You will find a giggle, a tear, and some smiles too.  Now go, go, I’m asking nicely of you.

Again, another enjoyable writing experience writing with Mr. Nottooold2.  I can’t praise him enough.  He gives me giggles, happy tears, and smiles too, and that’s just during one writing experience.  tee hee



Black Dot – The Lie ~ A Duet

the lie

Black Dot – The Lie

A Duet by Wet Bliss and Bruised Belly
Part I of a Three Part Series

A gentleman brings flowers and candy
He holds the door while you enter his world
Sugar laced promises topped with cherries
Buckle up now, for you’ve become his girl

Gullible or naive she believes it’s her fate
Holds empty vows cause it’s all she has now
A lady stands by her man, paints a happy face
Covering disgrace, screaming without sound

Violence ensues and destruction hits
When a tornado meets a volcano
Trapped inside a chaotic relationship
Obscured rainbows and broken halos

Locked away from family and friends
None knowing what she faces each day
Scared and ashamed, depression sets in
She’ll be dead and buried if she tries to get away

Fed a daily regimen of ridicule and pain
Every ounce kills off her hopes and dreams
Given more than she can possible take
Delusional, it can’t be as bad as it seems

*Dedicated to any and everyone who is or ever has been in an abusive relationship.  Please be aware of The Black Dot Campaign.  Please know that most victims living in an abusive relationship want to leave, they just don’t know how.  They literally do not know how to take that first step to freedom.  Please do not be afraid to reach out and help, The National Domestic Hotline (1-800-799-7233) offers help 24/7.

To Live Again ~ A Duet


Looking for myself
In forgotten places
Feeling lost and empty
Among friendly faces

I’ve become a shell
Of who I planned to be
Lost and alone
Searching for me

In a reflection
I don’t even recognize
Mind numbing defeat
Smiles that patronize

Day after day I slip
In to my robotic duties
Cause it’s expected
Where’s the beauty

Where is the feeling
The love, the lust
Looking for myself
Among the lost

Souls wandering
Aimlessly for a touch
Of raw emotions
To be within the clutch

Abandoned passion
Grasping at wits end
Seeking the truths
Where and how to begin

Trusting, loving
Reaching for a hand
Breathing, touching
Living again

A duet with The Great Wet One (Wet Bliss) if you didn’t already know 😉

We like to have fun, and get down and dirty, but that doesn’t mean that we are without feeling and longing.  We are, after all, women.  The Good, The Bad, and The Sexy (did you really think, I was going to say Ugly?)

Pick Up Line ~ A Duet


A Duet by Dana & BruisedBelly

I can’t help but stare
at the striking pair
Passion radiates from them

I approach on a whim
Licking my lips, I ask him
“Do you care to share?”

Suddenly, my man can’t speak
It seems, he’s weak in the knees
So I answer on his behalf

“What his grin is trying to say
Is that, we like it that way
and I like that ass.”

My fingers follow my eyes
from her pouty lips to parted thighs
“You’re this girls dream.”

“While he finds his voice
Kiss me and let’s rejoice
In this new friendship.”

Maybe, we leave this man behind
while you and I entwine
let’s turn it up a bit

Racing to my car, we turn
throwing kisses that burn
the imagination of the man left

to slowly, slowly churn…

Debauchery ~ A Duet

A Collaboration between Nottooold2 & BruisedBelly

For all that I yearn
is between your smooth legs
my glistening shaft
throbs and it begs

Drops of excitement
dance on the crown
linger a moment
before trickling down

My tongue to your clit
your hand on my cock
stroking so gently
your hips start to rock

Back and forth
and circle around
from deep in my chest
animalistic sounds

Your member so hard
with glorious drips
I bring to my mouth
craving a lick

I’m dying to feel
you inside of me
I cum at the thought
so hot, sweet, sticky

You’ve tasted my drips
now let me taste yours
like sweet drops of honey
it trickles and pours

Plunging inside
your sheath ’round my blade
thrusting so deeply
legs open and splayed

Muscles constrict
within your wet walls
this friction and lust
spews seed from my balls

Now that we’ve cum
both sated and spent
resting in peace
and loves afterscent

So before We both got busy as shit, We spent a little time together “writing”  😉

Writing with Nottootold2 is always a great pleasure of mine!!!!  To view his independent writing as well as other wonderful duets he has collaborated in, please visit his blog Insecurely Confident, where you will find a little of everything.

Intimate Connection ~ A (Recycled) Duet

Mr. Nottoold2 and I have been writing together for what has been a simply wonderful year.  I was actually getting ready to leave the blog scene when he started commenting with me; that turned into very easy banter, which turned into a writing partnership, subsequently forming a deeper connection and friendship.  Although we have not shared any of our writing pieces in a few months, I assure you we are always working on some project, perhaps we will even decide to share again some day. Intimate Connection was the very first piece we wrote together.  By the way, I tricked him into writing with me, true story.  I am very happy I did.


A Duet by BruisedBelly & Nottooold2

While she sat across the table
she watched his eyes caress her face
she wondered what he was thinking
as her mind began to race

He knew she felt his gaze
for which he did not hide
a tidal swell of yearning
building deep inside

A gentle touch upon her cheek
memorizing every feature
what might she see in him
such a beautiful creature

She relaxed in the comfort of his eyes
a feeling she hadn’t known in a while
apprehensive yet willing
she tilted her head and softly smiled

To her cue he did respond
tender lips invite
burning embers deep within
passions flame ignites

She bit her lip, just a little
as all reserve vanished
she reached for his hand
every fear now banished

Pensive worry in her eyes
teeth upon her lips
praying only for her touch
her hands upon his hips

Lips now being bit
hands placed upon hips
such a perfect fit
oh my goodness, this was it

Bodies come together
losing time and space
both lay now exhausted
sated in this place

Love on The St Charles Bridge ~ A Duet

St Charles Bridge

Love on The St Charles Bridge
A Duet by Bruised Belly and Mr Modigliani

He met her in Prague, and his desire for her burned
She was a Bohemian beauty and he a man of the world
And his heart, his soul, his very flesh yearned to make her his own
So he held her and whispered, “My love, my dear,
If you desire me, I will come back for you in one year
Meet me on the St Charles Bridge

A year of waiting, of yearning and wondering
Would he remember her, want her, still call her name
He promised his love, yet a year is long to carry a flame
She pretties herself as she looks in the mirror
Today is the day, it’s been exactly one year
She steps to the Bridge, gripped with fear

He worried, for it had been so very long
Would she be there for him, would she still care?
He longed for her eyes, her beauty so fair
Surely she was now taken, in love with a gent
He thought he had lost her, much to his lament
As he rushed to meet her on the St Charles Bridge

She sees him approach with a sad look on his face
She wonders why, as she runs to his embrace
With his arms wrapped around her all doubt erased
A smile, a tear, a promised kiss
That face of his that she has so missed
All worth the wait to meet on St Charles Bridge

He gently wipes away her tears
Brushes back her hair and calmed her fears
Just off the bridge, a cellist strums an ancient song
While its melody wafts through the tall towers of old Prague
He looks in her eyes and drops on one knee
Dear love, he says, please spend your life with me

And so it was that day, that these two lovers
A pretty Bohemian and a strapping young Brit
Gave themselves to each other
On the St Charles Bridge

When Mr. Modigliani approached me with the idea to write, I was like, um duh… because, have you read his stuff?!  But I played it cool, and said throw an idea at me.  He threw a whole scenario at me.  He really is one hard-working writer, I am impressed with his whole process and consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity to have written with him.

When you have finished dancing on St Charles Bridge with us, do yourself a favor and  head on over to Mr. Modigliani’s Private Studio to see what he is up to independently, you’ll be happy you took those few extra dance steps.


Color Me ~ A Duet


A Duet By Kimberly at Words4jp’s Blog & BruisedBelly

Color me

Red, green, even blue
color me
every hue

The brights the dulls

the rainbow scheme

color me beautiful

color me

A plethora of tones –

Subtle pigments, vibrant statements
an ever changing contradiction

Never to be contained.

Kimberly commented on my 50 Shades post that she was pretty much fed up with Shades of grey and much preferred Red, in fact she preferred Hues rather than shades.  A few comments, a few e-mails, and this is what two colorful women come up with 🙂

If you haven’t danced with Kimberly at her blog Words4jp’s Blog, I suggest you do.  There you will find such beautiful words, and feelings to dance along with.

Blessings ~ A Duet

 Blessings by Michael Agostino and Bruised Belly

There’s grace in the mistakes that I have made

Sometimes lemons are for lemonade

Many of times I should have said no

Many closed doors He has turned into open windows

Even when my actions cause me to burn

There is a lesson to learn

And maybe He doesn’t answer the way we want Him to

Perhaps He tells us “no”, and we fear we aren’t getting through

But maybe prayers unanswered are just Blessings in disguise

And we need to take the time to enjoy what’s placed before our eyes

Like death bringing a family back together

Making us humble after devastating weather

Learning to live because you’ve just faced death

Renewed faith in life, with your baby’s first breath

Throwing in the towel just so it can be caught

Learning how to fly when I can hardly walk

Being broken, and humbled until I’m on my knees

Only to discover that is exactly what I need

Because when everything falls apart in this life

I am given so much more in Christ

Another Blessed writing experience with the talented Michael of The Bus Stop Blues.  Please do yourself a favor and head over there to check out his independent writings.



Do You Hear Me?

Written by Michael Agostino and the Holy Bible via Bruised Belly

Dear God can you hear me
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever – Hebrews 13:8
Or do my prayers stop at the ceiling
I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears – Psalm 34:4
Am I just talking to the air
I am with you always; even to the end of the world – Matthew 28:20
I need You to let me know that You are there
Fear Not, for I Am with you – Isiah 41:10
Times are getting so hard
Don’t be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of your tomorrow too – Matthew 6:34
I want to drop Your book and head back out to the bar
It (the Bible) is God’s way of making us well prepared at every point, fully equipped to do good to everyone – 2 Timothy 3:17
My friends mock You
Pray for those who persecute you – Matthew 5:43
I’m not strong enough so I follow suit
But God’s truth stands firm like a Great Rock and nothing can shake it – 2 Timothy 2:19
I think of death and I stop breathing
For This world is not our home – Hebrews 13:14
I look around and I stop believing
There are three things that remain, Faith, Hope, and Love – and the greatest of these is Love – 1 Corinthians 13:13
People think they can fight hate with hate
Above all, Love each other deeply, because Love covers over multitudes of sins – 1 Peter 4:8
I think their convictions are just misplaced
Faith by itself, if it has no works is dead – John 2:19
Who am I to say what is right and what is wrong
Speak to each other about these things every day while there is still time, so that none of you will become hardened against God, being blinded by the glamor or sin – Hebrews 3:13
I hear non believers say “why can’t we all just get along”
Don’t get involved in arguing over unanswerable questions and controversial theological ideas – Titus 3:9
They say Your book causes separation
The voice of God will never contradict with the Word of God – Numbers 23:19
I say we all fall victim to our own temptations
God is at work within you, helping you want to obey him and then helping you do what he wants – Philippians 2:13
It’s just a chain that none of us really wants to break
If anyone is going to boast, let him boast only of what the Lord has done – 1 Corinthians 1:30
It’s just a commitment none of us really wants to make
If you cling to your life you will lose it, but if you give it up for your God you will save it – Matthew 10:39
Everything is changing around me
Behold I will do a NEW thing – Isiah 43:19
I feel like in my sin I am drowning
There is forgiveness of sins for all who turn to me – Luke 24:47
Is that You with your hand out
I will never leave you – Hebrews 13:15
Am I like Peter walking out the boat filled with doubt
When you go through deep waters I will be there with you – Isaiah 43:2
I feel more like Paul because I do the things I don’t want to do
For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be – Matthew 6:21
I feel like I can’t help but to disappoint You
Your mistakes do not define you – Psalm 37:24
I keep nailing Your son to that cross
I Forgive You – Romans 8:1
Dear God I am so lost
Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything – Philippians 4:6

Michael wrote these questions as a second part to our other piece The View of Interpretation, we just felt that there was more to be said.  I can take no credit for writing, I was only the vehicle for finding the scripture as response.

For when two or three gather together because they are mine, I will be right there among them. – Matthew 18:20

Please, if you have not already visited Michael as his site The Bus Stop Blues, I ask that you do.  He may be “just a man standing in front of a woman” writing “mere words”, but I think you will find his stories as wonderful as I do…

The View of Interpretation ~ A Duet


Written by Michael Agostino & Bruised Belly

I sit dormant in a church pew
Shrouded in sin losing my view

I stand at this pulpit trying to reach you
But I’m wondering, how can I get through?

I hear a pastor preaching from the pulpit
The bible is his gun, his voice the trigger and each word hits like a bullet

I know it isn’t enough for me to simply read from this Holy Book
I beg you please to dig deeper and continue to look

Even hardened hearts aren’t bulletproof
I want to leave from up under my Fathers roof

What must I say to get through to your hardened heart?
You must stay and participate; you must do your part

The guilt makes me want to run
My self-righteousness starts to come undone

I know you have guilt, I know you have sin
I understand my child, this is where we begin

Deep down I know right from wrong
But deep down I just want to belong

We give up ourselves from our own selfish needs
Humbly broken falling to our knees

So I sell myself and my Maker short
Between the verses I distort

Believe truly and wear your faith on your sleeve
Love is always right no matter what we believe

It’s outdated and open to interpretation
Even though in my heart I know only through Jesus lies salvation

The interpretation is Love whichever words you read
At the end of the day it is for Our sins He did bleed

His blood covers my sin like snow
He tells me that I am free but the grip of my sin won’t let me go

Salvation is given freely if you ask it of him
It is pride in your way; it is Not your sin

I told you more was on the way….

I have been inspired to write this type of piece ever since I read A Poet Hiding In A Church Pew on The Bus Stop Blues, so I’m very happy that Michael agreed to write this with me.  Please, if you have not already, stop by his site, The Bus Stop Blues and read Micheal’s stories.

You, Me and Us ~ A Duet


Written by Michael Agostino & Bruised Belly

She lights me up like the fourth of July
He is the grand finale lighting up my sky
She gives me purpose while I give her justice
He lets me run amuck yet his love fully encompasses
We crash together and capsize
Drowning in each other’s eyes
We swim to the surface causing nothing but unforgettable ruckus
Rolling with the waves of our beautiful mess
Building each other anew
Holding together like Gorilla Glue
Within each other we build a home
Our beating hearts no longer wish to roam
We’re a pulse we must pursue
Our blood bleeding the same hue
Together we rule this world of our own
A king and queen that cannot be dethroned

So I’ve been following this guy Michael over at The Bus Stop Blues since I can’t remember when, maybe Day 1.  Maybe he started following me first, maybe I started following him first, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is, once I started reading I couldn’t stop, and I had to read his work backwards as well, I was so completely pulled in by the story(ies) being told over at The Bus Stop Blues that I had / have to get every word.  And so of course I waited for an opportunity to “pounce”, holding my breath and trying to hold in my crazy hoping he would accept and write with me.  As you can see he accepted.  Please head over to The Bus Stop Blues so you too can become addicted to the story(ies) written, and stayed tuned for more collaborations from us 🙂

Scars ~ A Duet

By Words4jp & BruisedBelly

Scars, Yours, Mine, Ours
Beautifully adorning the in and outside of us
Dripped in filth and lies and truth
Cutting deep, Binding me and you

But there are a few answers I seek
At what point will these binds become too overwhelming?
When will you decide to turn a deaf ear or a blind eye?
When will my scars become a liability – to you?

I hear your questions, I feel your hurt
I see your beauty and your worth
Your scars, your cuts , your pain
They are yours with mine, the same

You may say this now,
But how can I believe you?
My faith has been crushed by words such as these,
By voices who have spoken the same to ME

Your fear is acknowledged and understood
We are all mere human, therefore made to fall
Expectations fall short and promises fail
But honesty, love and faith prevail

My faith has been tested time and time again –
I am sorry if I cannot trust a word you say
In the end, you will judge me
And with that, you will walk away

I find your scars simply beautiful
They tell the unique story that is you
The history that has made you who you are
Is written on each and every scar

So raise your head, you beautiful lady
Hold it high and never let it fall
Be proud of your scars and your story
Scream to the world, YOU love who YOU are

I have been wanting to write this piece for a long while, and have been searching out a duet partner who I felt I needed to write this with.  I have been reading Words4jp’s Blog and commenting back and forth with her for some time now and find her writing haunting and for the lack of a better word “scarred”, so I said to myself, “she’s the one”.  I’m very happy she agreed or I would have looked like a fool – LOL

I am very pleased with how this piece turned out and feel very strongly on the topic of scars and beauty.  I know there have been many pieces written on this same topic and I’d be honored if anyone would link them in the comments section.  Thank You XO

She Part I ~ A Duet


By Jayne & Bruised Belly

Sometimes need is a lady, soft and seemingly pure
other times she’s a wanton whore SO far from demure

Sometimes desire seduces with romance and charm to entrance
other times, she rushes and straddles you like a bump and grind lap dance

Sometimes lust rolls over your body as a gentle kiss
other times lust consumes you deep with that shuddering bliss

Sometimes love calls with a tender heated stare
other times love pushes with a striking double dare

Need, desire, lust and love
human wants we all speak of

Soft, hard, gentle and rough
if perfectly balanced it’s the right stuff

You want the lady, you want the whore
no matter which you have, you will want more

Love them both and you will see
She will surrender to you, mind and body

When Jayne from over at Diary Incarnate contacted me to write with her I was a little excited (I did back flips down the hall) and wanted to get to work right away.

We both kind of had the same idea, and think the same way, but approach things in very different manners.  What we came up with are two different pieces. This happened because our minds went into overdrive immediately and we had so much content that we liked…

  She Part I, is posted here and She Part II, is posted at Diary Incarnate.

A huge Thank You to Jayne for contacting me to write with her, the experience has been exhilarating and enlightening XO

Cerebral Casualties ~ A Duet

By Dana & Bruised Belly

We were tethered and bound
From the first exchange of sarcasm
A shared excitement that was difficult
To contain in bouts of crude humor
Glimpses of concealed intellect
With ideas cleverly crafted in riddles

Pushing my mind beyond my comfort zone
Pulling me into your foreign world
Hidden messages entangled in tunes
Black and white disappeared into grey
Metaphors tripped over rhetorical meaning
As we danced on the edge of reality

Tightrope of desire forged by oxymorons
Antithesis of our existence see-sawed
Bipolar war of words creating friction
As battles waged between love and lust
Emotions slain and resuscitated
With mere syllables of skewed imaginations

And what of it now, as words fall away
Left crippled and broken where they lay
My mind grasps for what it cannot reach
Bewildered, confused by lack of stimulation
Abandoned gray matter unwilling to accept
Anything less than passions heated banter

Physical needs can be sated in many ways
Broken hearts patched back together with time
The withdrawals from our obsessive sparring
Leaves my intellect as a dying carcass
An appropriate prey for lesser predators
My sanity slowly starts to shatter …

A giant Thank You to Dana, over at Message in a Bottle for working with me on this piece!!! 

This topic has been on my mind for a while, just waiting for the perfect duet partner to collaborate with.  Dana’s haunting writings on love, life and loss have long captured my interest and I was so excited to finally have the chance to write with her.

The Meeting ~ A Duet


A duet with my wonderful Boss (I mean writing partner) Mr. Nottooold2.  As always, a pleasurable experience.  For more reading pleasure head over to his site Insecurely Confident and have a look.

A meeting is scheduled
in the conference room,
the time
half past two.

The attendees

The topic is heated
so are we
we debate and negotiate
until we agree.
You pump me with ideas
thoughts coincide

Your first offer is hard
to accept, but I do so
Spreading it out
on the conference table,
we get down to brass tacks.

You drive a hard bargain, Sir
but I thoroughly enjoy your
negotiating techniques.
A meeting of the minds
to say the least.

Our contract
it’s always pleasurable
doing business
with a man like you.

He asked:
Are you open to
hammer out another deal
next week?

(To be continued….)

She’ll Chew You Up ~ A Duet


A big Thank You to Wet Bliss for jumping on the Bitch Train with me and firing up this little beauty.  There is just something in the air, you may just want to beware….

She’s a sinful wet dream..
leave you screaming

Careful, don’t get tangled in her snare
you may
or may not like it there

she will cut you with her eyes
not to mention
what she can do with her thighs

she has a hyperactive sex drive
it’s addictive
she’ll leave you craving the high

she is sick of fucking useless men
she isn’t done using them

she crosses beyond every line
just to
cross over them one more time

she is a delight, playful and shy
but cross her
you’ll want to die

she’ll be your supporter and best friend
but piss her off
she will destroy and not pretend

she is naughty she is nice
she is sugar
she is spice
she can manage her own device

she will make every wrong
a right
put you up on a pedestal
then knock you right down to size

she knows exactly what she wants
and takes it
without putting up a false front

she’ll show you a real good time
make you go outta your f-ing mind

the promise, simply sublime
dripping honey
sugary sweet
she’ll knock you off your feet

and while you’re laying on the floor
she’ll leave you begging
for more

she’s a bitch
she don’t mind
come here boy
it’s playing time

I always have a great time writing with Wet Bliss!!  We literally throw words back and forth at each other and somehow make them work.  Please go visit her sexy site if you don’t already know her.

Far Too Long ~ A Duet


Far Too Long ~ A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

It has been too long my dear
far too long
too long since I last touched your skin
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last held your hand
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my dear
far too long
too long since I last caught your scent
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last kissed your lips
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my love
far too long
too long since I last touched your cheek
far, far too long indeed

It has been too long my sweet
far too long
too long since I last heard your voice

This writing is depressing me
it’s time for donuts and coffee
it’s time for meeting halfway
fuck far too long, what do ‘ya say??

It has been far too long since Mr. Nottooold2 and I have, ummm, written together 😉 and we are about ready to explode!!! We make no apologizes for any of the writing that you may encounter today, we are far overdue. XO to everyone who continues to enjoy reading our ridiculous and wonderful fantasies.

If you are a newcomer and you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Nottooold2‘s blog site Insecurely Confident, please go have a visit, he has a little of something for everyone.  I give him a big thumbs up and 10 stars and all that shit 😀

Our Red Thread ~ A Duet


A Duet by Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Our situation is limited, we know
yet we still choose it, and so
we cherish every second we get
about limitations, we don’t fret

It isn’t perfect by any stretch
each other’s drift we always “cetch”
make up words to suit our needs
this connection, desire feeds

Limited by space and time
connecting with words and rhyme
amazed by the similarities
happy being US, just WE

Simultaneous thoughts in our mind
never search for words to find
verbal liquid from our tongue
as flowing lyric beautifully sung

Some see a hurdle we see a leap
we swim across what others find too deep
limitations cannot break this connection
every hiccup just deepens our affection

“A Chinese proverb says an invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but can never be broken.”

If you’ve read my page, you have probably already read Mr. Nottooold2’s work as we write together often.  If you have not been over to his page, Insecurely Confident, I do encourage you to go have a visit and read his independent writings.   He does offer a little bit of everything and is sure to keep you entertained.

Our Moment In Time ~ A Duet


A Duet Nottooold2 & Bruisedbelly

Orange cones was all I could see
the construction zone was killing me
spinning swiftly into anxiety
until his voice rescued me

And there he stood, my own Batman
my knees grew weak, could I stand
the closer he came the more I froze
glancing carefully from head to toes

So many miles just for this chance
to see her bright smile, if only a glance
a vision of beauty in cream colored lace
no man alive could slap the smile from my face

She parked her car and stepped from the door
my arms wrapped around her, waiting no more
closing my eyes to savor the moment
kissing her lips I said, “I need a donut.”

Holding him close and breathing him in
a kiss on the lips is where we begin
looking into his eyes he reads my need
I whisper in his ear, “Babe I have to pee”

Road weary, hungry, the bathroom a dream
I ordered our coffee and a big Boston Cream
she appeared at my side and gave me a smile
the most beautiful thing I had seen in a while

Standing next to him, the most comforting thing
like two long lost friends, rekindling
chatting and getting lost in his eyes
the only problem, not enough time

Lost in the twinkle and spark in her eyes
the shortness of time is what I despise
this first time of meeting, but sure not the last
connection of spirit that can’t be surpassed

Holding him close, melting into him
not ready for goodbye, didn’t we just begin
this slice of heaven I’ll hold tightly to
until we have meeting number two

We have written many piece together, but this particular writing experience was extra special!!  We’d like to thank all of our friends for your continued support and for making all of this so much fun 🙂