Thoughts of him

I cannot move past these thoughts of him

the few and rare moments we’ve had together

his eyes, his lips, his touch

his voice, I love so much

I cannot move on

to the day at hand

the routine, the mundane

I lose touch with common things

as my mind retreats

as I’m lost

in recalling memories

and I smile

at every

thought of him



She Hates Him

She hates him

The way a dog hates table scraps

The way a cat hates belly rubs

She hates him

She hates his every “good morning”, and his every “goodnight”
She hates the way he questions why good morning is two words and goodnight is one word

She hates how he asks about her day, every single day
How he wants to know something, good, exciting, bad or even sad – how he just wants to know

She hates the way he bosses her – telling her to be careful and safe driving home

She hates that he knows her moods without her saying a word (she hates that the most)

She hates him, like she hates to dream and fly

She hate him, but she never wants to say goodbye

A Love Story ~ The Waiting

I’ll wait for you, she says; as he boards another plane, takes another trip, goes for another ride, lays his head down for the night.  I’ll wait for you, she reminds him.  She smiles as she does.  She used to hate to wait, but she does so out of love.

He is a mover, always on the go.  She admittedly moves much more slow.  He is gone now, away again.  Another trip, someplace beautiful.  She is waiting, waking, working, writing, sleeping, breathing, and waiting some more.  She sits for hours sometimes, waiting for a bleep of the phone.

How long she’ll wait, she cannot say.  She may wait forever, or she may wait one more day.  Either way, and however it may go, she will wait as long as her heart tells her so. Right now she is waiting, for a kiss goodnight.  She is waiting for a “let’s snuggle in tight”.   She is waiting for dreams to carry her away, so she can start the waiting over again, tomorrow day.


Stolen Moments

Your kiss still lingers

as if it were brand new

My lips still tingle

when I think of you

My  body remembers

the feel of you against me

Stolen moments fading

between dreams and reality

Close tight my eyes

time and space erased

Holding my breath

I’m back in your embrace

Silent Reflection

It hit on the drive home
quite unexpectedly
The enormity of the world
in comparison to you and me

This overwhelming warmth
deep within my  heart
Feeling so close to you
while logistically so far apart

How is it that two people
strangers of place and time
should be lucky to meet each other
through this rhythm and rhyme

How do two hearts connect
with all this interference
in this cold, cold, world
with all this indifference

I catch my breath
my heart skips a beat
silently I reflect
on the meaning of you and me

As The World Turns

“Hello” I say into the phone, not bothering to look at caller ID.

“E-mail sucks” he almost groans.  I smile, he’s correct, I haven’t heard from him in hours.  I was getting nervous, to be honest.

I tell him as much, we chat and laugh and smile.  We are busy, we cannot stay on the phone long.  His world, my world; going one hundred miles a minute parallel to each other, intersecting on rare wonderful occasions.  The moments we live for.

I’m back to my coffee and patients, he’s back to his reports.  The world keeps turning, paying no mind to shit e-mail or moon crossed lovers who can’t go a few hours without conversation.  The world keeps mourning celebrities, abusing their own children and pampering their pets.  The world keeps advancing and falling apart at equal speed.

And me, I just want coffee, I want time with him alone, away from this world, in Neverland or on the moon, either will do.  I’m also open to other suggestions.



A Love Story ~ In The Beginning


In the beginning

She was apprehensive, almost standoffish.  I guess he didn’t notice or didn’t care.  He had his very own agenda which had not one single thing to do with her.  Their bad attitudes just happened to collide.

In the beginning

She thought him to be ignorant, but not in the way that one is not intelligent, she knew he was intelligent.  In the way that one is new to something.  Which he was.  He was new to this world which she was so completely consumed within.  She was both bothered and endeared with his newness.  The endearment stuck.

In the beginning

She tried every one of her tricks to push him away.  He either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to care.  Her heart skipped a beat each and every time he returned.  He seemed to both notice and care because he never stayed gone for very long. This delighted her very much.  An emotion she wasn’t much accustomed to.

In the beginning

She knew they were in big trouble.


Traditionally Speaking


Kicking tradition to the side of road

he sings me a tune that I really should know

he changes the words to suit his own needs

I smile and giggle, as we do what we please

The week has been long, the month longer still

yet sitting here next to him, I’ve got time just kill

Throwing tradition right out the window

I tell him I love him, he says “yep, I know”

Traditionally speaking we don’t stand a chance

but neither of us care about pomp and circumstance

We do it Our way, rituals and customs thrown out

Each day a new adventure

because that’s what WE are about



I will always Love You

You peel away my layers, with gentle ease

Acknowledging, then dismissing, my insecurities

Reciting the truest lies, my heart, has ever known

Unraveling every thread, so carefully sewn

Binding me tightly, with all those loose ends

When my heart stops, you make it, beat again

And I don’t understand, I just can’t comprehend

How love grows, from days beginning, to days end

But, this truth I know, and hold tightly onto

This day, and all days, I will always, Love You

My Love For You


I will wait forever, you know

My want for you, will only grow

My affection, will not expire

Nor, my dear, will my desire

I will wait, as I’ve said in the past

My love for you, will last and last

When we are old, when we are grey

My love for you, will remain unchanged

She Knows Him By Heart


She knows him by heart
she has from the start

sure, her eyes have memorized
the curves of his face
and her ears hear
his voice on replay

her body remembers
the warmth of his touch
and her arms miss him
so very much

but it’s her heart
that fills in all the places
in between

the ones that
will never be seen

it’s her heart that knows
his every breath
that reaches for him
while still pulling back

it’s her heart that knows
he’s been here all along
he may be away
but he never is gone

she knows him by heart
both his and hers
it may sound silly
but it’s just how this works

Held By You


I miss you in the usual ways
your eyes, your voice,
your face

I miss the small obscurities
those things
that are
a mystery

How we think
the very same thought
but only one of us chooses to say it
while the other
does not

How eight hours is a lifetime
but a year
the blink of an eye

I miss you
but I

would rather miss you
the rest of my days
then to have never felt your embrace

I would rather go to my grave
missing you every day
then to have never known
how it felt
to be held by you

to be held by you

Reminding Me

And tears of happiness roll down her face

She lets them fall with abandon, unashamed

Guided by reminders he so easily provides

She moves from the darkness into the light

He understands her truth, He is her reality

Sidesteps the bullshit, while engaging her fantasy

Words falling from his lips into her soul

From so far away, He holds her so close

*A response to Tell Me Again, because he reminds everyday in so many ways, and I am so thankful.

Let Me


You’ve had a rough day

I can tell by your face

Let me press into you

Let me take it away

I’ll absorb your stress

Kiss away the strain

Baby  just relax

Shut down your brain

Just lay back

Let me take care of you

It’s my pleasure dear

For all you do

No kiss and tell

No details to write

Just relax my love

I’m taking care of YOU


Reminding Me

He says he loves
even my crabby side
for the life of me
I don’t know why

I love all of you
every little part
he reminds me
when I fall apart

He is very busy
reminding me these things
I fall apart often
these days it seems

Before We Touch


Our minds on course

our thoughts in tune

hungry eyes locked

we start to swoon

Endorphin rush

blood starts to flow

hearts beat faster

as our need grows

Don’t say a word

don’t talk to me

it’s in your eyes

they’re all I see

Standing with you

I feel so much

in this moment

before we touch

Where Have You Been


He asked

Where have you been my whole life?

Just right here

watching from the sidelines

Watching from afar

as you live

as you thrive

as you excel at being who you are

I’ve been here always

we just never knew

The time wasn’t yet right

for me to meet you

Writing In Place

She wants to run to him
get in her car and drive
until she is standing in front of him

She wants to look in his eyes
run her hands on his smooth face
then pull that face to her for a kiss

She wants to fall into his arms
let go and break down

She wants to cry like a child
and let him comfort her

She wants to be exposed
to express every fear
and have him kiss them away

She wants to run to him
but instead
she pulls herself together
gathers her strength
she looks reality in the face

She turns, of course
to this place
puts her thoughts and feelings
into words on a page

Instead of running
she writes,
in place

He Calls


He calls to say

I love you

on a Saturday

just out of the blue

while I’m at the office

and the world rushes past

he calls to give me

a memory to last

he calls to say

he’s thinking of me

this is why I love him

so damn madly

Intimate Connection ~ A (Recycled) Duet

Mr. Nottoold2 and I have been writing together for what has been a simply wonderful year.  I was actually getting ready to leave the blog scene when he started commenting with me; that turned into very easy banter, which turned into a writing partnership, subsequently forming a deeper connection and friendship.  Although we have not shared any of our writing pieces in a few months, I assure you we are always working on some project, perhaps we will even decide to share again some day. Intimate Connection was the very first piece we wrote together.  By the way, I tricked him into writing with me, true story.  I am very happy I did.


A Duet by BruisedBelly & Nottooold2

While she sat across the table
she watched his eyes caress her face
she wondered what he was thinking
as her mind began to race

He knew she felt his gaze
for which he did not hide
a tidal swell of yearning
building deep inside

A gentle touch upon her cheek
memorizing every feature
what might she see in him
such a beautiful creature

She relaxed in the comfort of his eyes
a feeling she hadn’t known in a while
apprehensive yet willing
she tilted her head and softly smiled

To her cue he did respond
tender lips invite
burning embers deep within
passions flame ignites

She bit her lip, just a little
as all reserve vanished
she reached for his hand
every fear now banished

Pensive worry in her eyes
teeth upon her lips
praying only for her touch
her hands upon his hips

Lips now being bit
hands placed upon hips
such a perfect fit
oh my goodness, this was it

Bodies come together
losing time and space
both lay now exhausted
sated in this place