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I give it all – But you can’t stop taking from me…
(how I feel every second of every day of a Holiday week)



Yesterday my phone chimed, alerting me of breaking news. “Prince dead at 57”, was the simple statement.

Fade to purple as my mind is filled with thousands upon thousands of song lyrics.

Oh yes I know we have lost too many great musicians this year.  All of them tragic and tremendous losses to the music industry.  Each an icon in their own right.  And now, The Purple One has been taken from us.  My heart is heavy indeed.

For myself Prince’s music was indeed The Revolution.  The sexual revolution.  Up until I heard his Controversy album I liked music, some forms of course better than others; but still, music was for listening to, maybe on occasion dancing.  You see I was a teenager in the Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb time frame, and for a kid like me that was fine for Teen magazines but not really exciting musically.  I was a bit of a rebel and to my parent’s dismay I would sneak in some Queen and Alice Cooper.  Still not the same, still just music for me.  I hadn’t found “my” grove yet.

Then one Friday night I was staying at a friends house and her sister played Prince’s Controversy Album.  That was it for me.  It took me someplace music had never taken me before.  I felt it.  I felt it in my nipples and in my thighs. I felt it tingling in my fingers and glinting in my eyes.  It made me bite my lip and catch my breath.  Music did this to me.  It was wonderful.  I really didn’t understand the idea of sexy, but I knew that this is what it felt like.  This music made me feel sexy, and I liked it.  That weekend I bought myself a copy of  1999 and played it every chance I could.  I was hooked.  I had no idea who Prince was, but I was hooked.

So of course when Purple Rain the movie came out I had to go see it.  I was very surprised by the appearance of Prince.  He was very petite and almost feminine.  Oh, but he had that soft shy sexy smile that grabbed you and didn’t let you go.  You wanted to hold him, comfort him, and do naughty things with him all at the same time.  It was a very odd feeling.

All of my boy friends were very manly and in fact thought Prince’s music was too feminine.  I think it was a stigmata at that point in time.  I think it was fear.  For me, it was a sexual revolution.  Finding my own grove through music.  A grove that awakened my sexy side, my inquisitive side, my musical style.  It was a game changer for me, to feel the music.  I am forever indebted to Prince and his Revolution.

Thank You Prince, you will be missed.



Learning to Fly

Because it’s Wednesday and the week has been too long already,

Because the drive to work was impossible,

Because my last nerve has been worn too thin,

Because my workday doesn’t start until 9, but my boss started texting me at 8,

Because I thought I thought of everything,

Because there is no turning back,

Because I’m just…

Least We Forget

While searching for Memorial Day appropriate music I came across this article, and rather than just use the music from it I decided to post the whole thing as I enjoyed and wanted to share all the content.

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Top Songs for Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Top Songs for Memorial Day and Veterans Day

“It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the organizer, Who gave us the freedom to demonstrate

It is the soldier, Who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag.

And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag.”

~ Father Dennis Edward O’Brien, USMC

The freedom that we enjoy today comes with a price which has been paid dearly by our men and women in uniform. Always content to be on the sidelines, they seek no fame and recognition except the honor to protect the country we so dearly loved.

It’s in their sacrifices we see the enduring spirit of our nation. When our country has come under attack, they have courageously come to her defense. When our freedoms are threatened, they respond with firm resolve. Whether at home or abroad, our soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect what we hold dear – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As we express gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform, we remind ourselves that there is no parade, ceremony or gift that will equal what they’ve sacrificed for us. But with these songs (5 songs to be exact) that I have compiled, I am hoping that they will feel honored and not forgotten.

Now, here they are:

Letters from War by Mark Schultz

This song recounts the story of a son who fought in a war faraway. To keep himself from being lonely on the field, he wrote letters to his mom back home and she in turn, wrote back to him. One day the son was captured and the mother didn’t hear anything from him since then. But 2 years later, the son went home and embraced his surprised yet overjoyed mother.

Mark Schultz said he wrote this song after reading the diary of his great-grandmother containing her great-grandma’s correspondence with her 3 sons who fought in World War II.

We will Not Forget by Mark Harris

We Will Not Forget

We Will Not Forget is a song that paints an analogy of the sacrifice of our veterans to that of the sacrifice of God sending His only begotten Son to die for us. Indeed, we are truly thankful for the price they’ve paid and the sacrifice they’ve given so that we can have freedom!

War Zone by Building 429

War Zone Building429 Music Video

This song sounds like a warrior who’s got tired of fighting. The war he’s involved is more of like a spiritual rather than a conventional one as the lyrics goes “My flesh and bones are caught in the war zone”. This could be equated to soldiers who experience combat fatigue. All the more that we should uphold them in our prayers as they battle not only the physical enemies but also loneliness and homesickness as well.

When Love Comes Home by Matthew West

Matthew West – When Love Comes Home

Matthew West wrote this song after reading a touching story of Scott and Jennifer Horne of Cedar Park, Texas. Nearing the end his second deployment, Scott wrote to his wife saying, “My heart aches for you every second of every day, and I don’t know how to fill the emptiness I feel when I’m without you”. This song, by far, is one of the best compositions of  West. It’s very heart-warming to listen to.

Warrior is A Child by Twila Paris

The Warrior is a Child – Twila Paris (Orig. 1984 Version)

This song from the 80’s has long been forgotten but it’s one of the finest songs I usually hear in funerals for reasons I don’t know why. I think the song is more appropriate for soldiers, that’s why I included it here. This song is about a warrior who’s been successful in his battles but little do people know that he also has his own demons in his life to conquer.

So, with these songs whether for Memorial Day or Veterans Day, I hope we could bring a smile to the face of our valiant soldiers.

Do you have other songs to suggest? Please tell me by commenting below.

Thank you and God Bless!