Move Along

Move along

There’s nothing to see
just me
being me

Just me
failing again

Just me
losing a friend

Just me
down and out
in the gutter
my lucks run out

Move along
there’s nothing to see
just me

being me


Every Morning


The hottest shower to scrub off yesterday’s crap

inspect myself in the mirror, looking for cracks

fill them up with gorilla glue and a patch

Sew back together anything ripped apart

it’s generally not important, just my heart

I’m almost ready for this day to start

Check to make sure all the bricks are in place

paint that pretty smile on my face

just gotta make it through one more day

I missed my exit

I missed my exit

lost in thought

hair twirled around my finger

staring absently at the cars in front of me.

I forgot to take yesterdays lunch leftovers out of my purse

I spent the evening glancing at my phone way too often

wondering what he was doing, and who he was doing it with.

This morning, I changed my skirt, then changed my shirt,

then changed my skirt back.  I changed shoes, changed my bra, twice.

I hate the way I look today!!  My hair, makeup, shirt, skirt, bra and shoes.

I missed my exit…

I should have just kept driving.

Beware The Girls


Beware the girls with the smile on their face

the ones who walk with that confident pace

You know, the girls with the sparkling eyes

blowing kisses across the skies

Beware the girls you can’t break down

the ones with those invisible crowns

Beware the girls that believe in love

and saving grace from God above

The girls that walk in twos and threes

that stick together endlessly

Beware the girls that don’t give in

just fix their crowns, and grin

The Night


The night is long and lonely

my dreams do little to comfort me

my mind my constant enemy

battling truth and fantasy

Dawn breaks and so do I

letting tears flow from my eyes

my strength is weakened, I cry

I pray to God, please let me die


This morning
while searching for my mind
which I assure you
I never did find

I conversed with myself
or the girl in the mirror
however I word it
my sanity remains unclear

We decided
well, she did
I’m clearly a mess

She said I should slow down
or take a breath
at best

I told her
don’t be stupid, I live and I breathe
the coffee pot is empty
I drank it all
well, you and me

She shook her head
slow down
fuck, sleep, eat

your mind is right where you left it
in bed still sleeping

Hey Y’all

I am missing everybody so much!!!!

I have been away doing my second (ok! ok! maybe my third) favorite thing.  Working.  I am running two offices and still studying to take my state exam!

The good news is I excel best when under pressure (as long as I am in control) so I am currently at top performance level.

The bad news is that I have little time to play, which includes writing and socializing here on WP.  I miss socializing with my WP family the most!!

I hope to have the office situation under better control within a few weeks.  As soon as I do I will be back here every morning, reading and socializing.  I hope to be back writing very soon as well.  Currently my creativity has been pushed aside and filled with meetings, marketing, healthcare, spreadsheets, outreach, and expansion.

Please wait for me, XO


A conversation with the girl in the mirror


You are too fat for that dress
and your hair is a mess
your skin is dull
your eyes are too small

How is it that
you are failing math
I thought you were
smarter than that

OMG, you forgot
about the meeting today
get your shit together
you don’t have time to play

Crap, add, fix the towel bar
to the, “to do” list
and I’m almost certain
there is a birthday, you’ve missed

Girl, why can’t you get
your shit straight
get it together
you’re almost, 48

** A real live conversation I had with “the girl in the mirror” this morning.  She just looked back at me like I was completely insane.  Clearly she is no help.**

I Represent


The smile on my face
is painted on, expertly

my voice
sugary, sweet and sultry

my dress
perfectly planned

I have to look good for the all of them
show just a little
of this and that
keep it classy with my personal touch

the poster child of happy
after all

I am the first face they see
I am the voice on the phone
I entertain, I smile, I stroke

their egos

oh, it’s so good to see ‘ya
thanks for calling
thanks SO much

on and on
such and such

it is what I do
it is who I am
I am the face
I am the voice
I represent

Just Another Afternoon

it’s Tuesday afternoon

everyone has an emergency

what does that mean

for lil’ ol’ me

my schedule is pushed back

I’m running late

I had to call Johnny

to cancel our date

I don’t have time

to go out anyway

I have finials next week

I have to study

I shouldn’t play

and on my mind

things heavy still weigh

I’ve made an

extra pot of coffee

this afternoon

I’ll need the extra

“pick me up”

we can assume

oh – there goes phone

someone else in dire need

“hi, how can I help you”

“it’s my pleasure, indeed”