Thoughts of him

I cannot move past these thoughts of him

the few and rare moments we’ve had together

his eyes, his lips, his touch

his voice, I love so much

I cannot move on

to the day at hand

the routine, the mundane

I lose touch with common things

as my mind retreats

as I’m lost

in recalling memories

and I smile

at every

thought of him



A Love Story ~ The Waiting

I’ll wait for you, she says; as he boards another plane, takes another trip, goes for another ride, lays his head down for the night.  I’ll wait for you, she reminds him.  She smiles as she does.  She used to hate to wait, but she does so out of love.

He is a mover, always on the go.  She admittedly moves much more slow.  He is gone now, away again.  Another trip, someplace beautiful.  She is waiting, waking, working, writing, sleeping, breathing, and waiting some more.  She sits for hours sometimes, waiting for a bleep of the phone.

How long she’ll wait, she cannot say.  She may wait forever, or she may wait one more day.  Either way, and however it may go, she will wait as long as her heart tells her so. Right now she is waiting, for a kiss goodnight.  She is waiting for a “let’s snuggle in tight”.   She is waiting for dreams to carry her away, so she can start the waiting over again, tomorrow day.


Stolen Moments

Your kiss still lingers

as if it were brand new

My lips still tingle

when I think of you

My  body remembers

the feel of you against me

Stolen moments fading

between dreams and reality

Close tight my eyes

time and space erased

Holding my breath

I’m back in your embrace

Silent Reflection

It hit on the drive home
quite unexpectedly
The enormity of the world
in comparison to you and me

This overwhelming warmth
deep within my  heart
Feeling so close to you
while logistically so far apart

How is it that two people
strangers of place and time
should be lucky to meet each other
through this rhythm and rhyme

How do two hearts connect
with all this interference
in this cold, cold, world
with all this indifference

I catch my breath
my heart skips a beat
silently I reflect
on the meaning of you and me

Wonderful Hurt

She loves him more than she knows she probably should

She couldn’t stop now, and she wouldn’t even if she could

Sure, at times the pain cuts deep and draws blood

A price she willingly pays for this love

When it hurts, it’s in the most wonderful way

Her smile starts small, then consumes her face

She prays she hurts this way for eternity

Sometimes you need the pain to be happy



A Love Story ~ In The Beginning


In the beginning

She was apprehensive, almost standoffish.  I guess he didn’t notice or didn’t care.  He had his very own agenda which had not one single thing to do with her.  Their bad attitudes just happened to collide.

In the beginning

She thought him to be ignorant, but not in the way that one is not intelligent, she knew he was intelligent.  In the way that one is new to something.  Which he was.  He was new to this world which she was so completely consumed within.  She was both bothered and endeared with his newness.  The endearment stuck.

In the beginning

She tried every one of her tricks to push him away.  He either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to care.  Her heart skipped a beat each and every time he returned.  He seemed to both notice and care because he never stayed gone for very long. This delighted her very much.  An emotion she wasn’t much accustomed to.

In the beginning

She knew they were in big trouble.


Freezing Time


Her hand trembles as she touches him

she’s dreamt of this moment,

again and again

The wait has been long

the dream,

longer still

she wants it to last

but doubts that it will

A shudder rushes through her,

she fears

much too hurried

He holds her gently


don’t be worried

Time is frozen, when our dreams collide

time is endless

when your body

touches mine

Lock & Key


Hear my confession, hear my plea

I am weakened with selfish needs

Thoughts of desire, given freely

Shaken to my core, I fall to my knees

And you standing, with lock and key

Both caging AND freeing me

Strength to fly, with wide-spread wings

How can I leave, for you, are the air I breathe


Rainy, Fall Day


The rain falls, knocking the leaves off the trees

I’d love to call you to meet for coffee

Invite you to stay for dinner and a movie

Then over-power you with my womanly ways

Put a spell on you and beg you to stay

Yea, it’s just that kind of a rainy, Fall day

Look For Me

Look for me later
he reminds me
I’m already looking
and always will be

I look for his eyes
on every face
my heart is broken
when others can’t duplicate

I look for him
among the crowds
although my voice is silent
my soul screams his name out loud

I look for him
as I stare off into thin air
I know he is out there

Look for me…
I’m looking Baby
I always am
and always
will be

I will always Love You

You peel away my layers, with gentle ease

Acknowledging, then dismissing, my insecurities

Reciting the truest lies, my heart, has ever known

Unraveling every thread, so carefully sewn

Binding me tightly, with all those loose ends

When my heart stops, you make it, beat again

And I don’t understand, I just can’t comprehend

How love grows, from days beginning, to days end

But, this truth I know, and hold tightly onto

This day, and all days, I will always, Love You

Pick Up Line ~ A Duet


A Duet by Dana & BruisedBelly

I can’t help but stare
at the striking pair
Passion radiates from them

I approach on a whim
Licking my lips, I ask him
“Do you care to share?”

Suddenly, my man can’t speak
It seems, he’s weak in the knees
So I answer on his behalf

“What his grin is trying to say
Is that, we like it that way
and I like that ass.”

My fingers follow my eyes
from her pouty lips to parted thighs
“You’re this girls dream.”

“While he finds his voice
Kiss me and let’s rejoice
In this new friendship.”

Maybe, we leave this man behind
while you and I entwine
let’s turn it up a bit

Racing to my car, we turn
throwing kisses that burn
the imagination of the man left

to slowly, slowly churn…

Why Do We Hate? – Guest Post

Black and white,
Why do we fight?
Gay and straight,
Why do we hate?

It’s time to look inside
For we are the all the same
We can still turn the tide
It’s time to stop the blame

If we all stand together
We can end this pain
Let’s make the world better
It’s time to join the peace train

It’s time to abort
This war we wage
Life is far too short
To be so full of rage

We can still make this right
It’s never too late
To stop the fight
Why do we hate

* My son sent me this yesterday, with this note “I was bored, you can use this for your site if you want.”  He started writing recently to clear his head (I have no idea where he gets that from).


Her world opens and closes as she melts into him.

He doesn’t know, or maybe he does,

how much she holds back.

A peck on the lips, a deeper kiss.

She wants to devour him.

She wants him to feel what she does.

She is not even aware of onlookers,

she doesn’t care.

She only cares about feeling him;

physically, mentally, emotionally.

She has this moment only.

She memorizes his breathing,

his finger tips, his eyes,

the taste of his lips.

She is both alive and dead.

All those words she meant to say



A Thousand Times


A thousand times I tell him goodbye.

In my mind.

Who am I kidding?

He runs through my veins.

If I cut myself open and bled dry,

he would still be with me.

He is my air.

My lungs labor for breaths

when he is not near to filter my pollutants.

He is my Superhero.

Saving me from myself.

The wicked, belittling bitch that I am.

He is my Sunshine.

Warming me, and

shining brightly unto my dullest days.

He is both the loudest

and softest voice in my head.

He keeps me from

going crazy,

yet, is my truest insanity.

And a thousand times

I tell him goodbye.

But only in my mind,

yes, only in my mind.

In An Instant


She knew in an instant

the weight of his world

why she would always

and never be, his girl

She could see through

his eyes, into his soul

she felt it in his touch

why, he couldn’t let go

She knew in an instant

every lie in his truth

so as she held tightly

she was letting loose

She knew by his kiss

the instant was gone

still within her heart

she’d forever hold on

My Love For You


I will wait forever, you know

My want for you, will only grow

My affection, will not expire

Nor, my dear, will my desire

I will wait, as I’ve said in the past

My love for you, will last and last

When we are old, when we are grey

My love for you, will remain unchanged

The Beauty of Letting Go


There is something so beautiful

in the art of letting go

It’s very different from giving up

for it lets love flow

So very selfless in nature

to set another free

When your strongest desire

to hold them, endlessly

When your love for another

outgrows your own carnal needs

Then, and only

will your own heart be free

Such is the beauty of letting go

through one to another

letting love, freely flow