I Will Be Gone

And I will be gone.

A memory,

or less.

Occasionally, perhaps,

a single pounding in your chest.

I will be gone.

Sailing a different sea,

riding a different breeze.

I will be gone,

for I’ve turned another page.

Thanks to the power of my pen, and imagination,

I am simply departing

old ways.

*It is time for me to bid BB (and this site) a fond farewell. I have adored; writing, playing, bonding, hurting, and most importantly – loving, with each and everyone here.
I will be keeping this site on private for my own sappy nostalgia; I will also keep all of my emails available for open communication.
When / if, I get back to posting my writings, it will be at my “To Tell A Story” (Lesley Irma)site.

Lesley Irma


That Bus Stop

Your words are haunting
this is true

So I wonder
are you waiting on that bus
or is it waiting on you

I like to read your little mystery
the feelings you express
captivate me

Old love
new love
who’s to say

The story’s a little different each day
it doesn’t matter a bit to me
I find it all
very interesting

But I wonder
are you getting on that bus
or getting off

What is really going on
at that bus stop

A Visit


Sometimes on nights like this

I like to have an old visit

to look and see

if you kept the words

between you and me

some make me smile

some make me cry

some are gone

but I know why

on nights like this

I like to pay a visit

on nights like this

I give you a lot of hits