Thoughts of him

I cannot move past these thoughts of him

the few and rare moments we’ve had together

his eyes, his lips, his touch

his voice, I love so much

I cannot move on

to the day at hand

the routine, the mundane

I lose touch with common things

as my mind retreats

as I’m lost

in recalling memories

and I smile

at every

thought of him



The Highway


I think Tim and Taylor
got it wrong
although I do
love their song

but the highway
has always been there for me
it has dried my tears
and listened, endlessly

night after night
day after day
I’ve always returned
to the highway

sometimes I can feel
the warmth of its tender hug
and I don’t lie when I say
yellow stripes give my heart a tug

I like to drive
and feel the road underneath
I like the hills and the curves
and the breeze

when I’m feeling sad or blue
what Taylor and Tim said
just isn’t true
the highway brings me to life

I think I need to go for a drive

My Drive

Windows down
radio up,
hair blowing
around my face.
Too fast
around curves!
Singing out loud.
Shaking my ass.
Waving at boys,
in cars,
in trucks,
on bikes.
I'm free
to be me.
no pretend,
no deadline,
got to get it done.
I don't have
to be good,
or do what
I should.
For me,
by myself.
No one around
to care
what I do.
So I do
what I want;
in my car
on my time,
on my drive.