I Will Be Gone

And I will be gone.

A memory,

or less.

Occasionally, perhaps,

a single pounding in your chest.

I will be gone.

Sailing a different sea,

riding a different breeze.

I will be gone,

for I’ve turned another page.

Thanks to the power of my pen, and imagination,

I am simply departing

old ways.

*It is time for me to bid BB (and this site) a fond farewell. I have adored; writing, playing, bonding, hurting, and most importantly – loving, with each and everyone here.
I will be keeping this site on private for my own sappy nostalgia; I will also keep all of my emails available for open communication.
When / if, I get back to posting my writings, it will be at my “To Tell A Story” (Lesley Irma)site.

Lesley Irma


Fly High

Not yet ready for goodbye

refusing to move, I cry

but this forward motion of the line

tells me, it’s our final closing time

I don’t bother to dry my eyes

as they shut you in, and whisk you by

under my breath I whisper

Fly my Angel

Fly High

A Thousand Times


A thousand times I tell him goodbye.

In my mind.

Who am I kidding?

He runs through my veins.

If I cut myself open and bled dry,

he would still be with me.

He is my air.

My lungs labor for breaths

when he is not near to filter my pollutants.

He is my Superhero.

Saving me from myself.

The wicked, belittling bitch that I am.

He is my Sunshine.

Warming me, and

shining brightly unto my dullest days.

He is both the loudest

and softest voice in my head.

He keeps me from

going crazy,

yet, is my truest insanity.

And a thousand times

I tell him goodbye.

But only in my mind,

yes, only in my mind.

Slow Fade


Slowly I fade into the abyss

I wonder if I…

well, I wonder

Slowly I fade

just a bit at a time

what I once knew to be real

has slipped from my mind

I fade away slowly

no need to go fast

if I fade away slow

the memories will last

So slowly I fade into the abyss

can you feel it now

the soft crisp mist

Perfectly Unclear

I am so bewildered my thoughts are perfectly clear.

Please go away because I need you near.

Don’t touch me while you are holding my hand.

Listen, while I explain what I don’t understand.

You’ll find only truth, in all of my lies.

As I smile at you, from behind crying eyes.

These tears you see running down my dry cheeks,

only prove to deepen, my shallow insecurities.

Please know, I’m just a simple complicated woman,

dying in this life, the only way that I can.

Holding on tightly as I let it all go,

one day at a time, for weeks in a row.

Finding myself, waving hello to the final goodbye.

My feet firmly grounded, my eyes on the sky.

He’s Going Away

I read the words today

it seems

he is going away

will I miss him

do I give a shit

far removed

and over it


words echo in my head


like lead

for a second

the thought to reach out

I stop in my tracks

no way in hell

it’s over

it’s past

it’s just as well

I read the words

he’s going away

I sighed a sigh

and went on

with my day



Goodbye Cub

To my sweet little cub with sparkling blue eyes
I dreamed of you last night
I know it happens time and again
but this time was different my friend

When I woke I felt so at peace
you see, I missed you differently
I missed you happy, not sad
the missing made me feel good, not bad

I want you to know I will love you
past the end of time;
for you have been an absolute
best friend of mine

So I’ve let you go with a smile and a dream
but I’ll hold on to the memory
And each day I’ll pray for the best of the best for you
because sweet cub, nothing less will do


May you have the prettiest of wives
May you have the longest of lives
May you have two girls and one boy
May you finally get all your toys

May God’s light shine upon you
May your eyes always stay sparkling blue
May you get the house you dream of
May your life be filled always, with Love