Run for Your Life

Fear for your life and run like hell

they’ve poisoned the water in the well

they’ve tainted the truth

with blatant lies

cover your ears

your mouth and eyes

Lock yourself up hide away

the world outside has gone astray

The Carnival has come to town

brought with it

Hilary, Donald, and creepy clowns

Run for life, run far far away

it’s coming soon…

Election Day


That body they pulled from the river

That body they pulled from the river

was once full of smiles and mischief

dancing, laughing and full of life


That body they pulled from the river

was so young

How did she get there?

She doesn’t belong in the river, in the city…

That body they pulled from the river

is someone’s best friend

someone’s auntie

someone’s niece

someone’s neighbor

someone’s classmate

someone everyone knows…


A missing person

A body pulled from the river

A news story

A memory


Explain It, To Me

I just don’t understand
I just can’t see
is there anyone who can explain it to me

another day
more bad news
my mind tries to turn away

but my heart refuse(s)
to ignore
what is in front of me

my heart cries out for the innocent
as it screams for peace
it prays for love and decency

they say be the change
you want to see
and I try Dear God

as I fall to my knees
tell me what to do
tell me who to be

make me as strong as I need to be
make me the love you want others to see
but I fail

and I fall
I am not enough
I am but one, this world needs more love

my mind races
my tears fall
can anyone explain it

any of it, at all?

WTF is Wrong With Us?

The news today
is more than sad

but thank you Jimmy Fallon
for making me laugh

children being taken
and killed for sport

dead babies
found in concrete floors

young men shot
because their music thumps

what the fuck is wrong
with all of us

Where is the love
where has it gone

I don’t understand
what is wrong

I honestly struggle
with this whole mess

it leaves me quite perplexed
we are humans

the top the chain
but look at how we behave

shame on us
what have we become

it saddens me
this earth that is hell

that we boast
about things made of gold

but to the devil
our souls we have surely sold

I just don’t understand
what the fuck is wrong

and I’d like to know
where is the Love?