December’s Cruelty

December has claimed
yet another casualty
I drop quickly
to my callused knees
praying for release from
this cruelty

I turn
of course
to my beloved
a safe comfort
envelopes me

yet surrounded
by common

Here in This Place
is the preferred currency
Here in This Place
I find Peace

thus calming

December’s cruelty





Give Me

It is Monday Morning
and as I drink my coffee
I listen to people talk

about things that don’t interest me
it is slowing killing me
my brain in numb

I become more dumb
my eyes roll
into the back of my head

my God, I may be brain-dead
my brain has turned to mush
and yet they still push

and pull at me
to get what they need
the phone will not stop ringing

in my ears
the voices singing
give me, give me more

of me, they implore
they want it all, they want it now
I  must deliver – somehow

’tis my job
’tis my duty
make them smile

keep them happy
so on this
fucking cold dull Monday

I drink my coffee
and listen to them say
give me, oh won’t you please
I need you to fulfill my needs