Run for Your Life

Fear for your life and run like hell

they’ve poisoned the water in the well

they’ve tainted the truth

with blatant lies

cover your ears

your mouth and eyes

Lock yourself up hide away

the world outside has gone astray

The Carnival has come to town

brought with it

Hilary, Donald, and creepy clowns

Run for life, run far far away

it’s coming soon…

Election Day


Thankful November

Several years ago my facebook friends and I started (well I am sure it was not our idea) Thankful November, each night we post what we were / are thankful for that day.  It is a very nice change-up to the usual posts complaining and pissing and moaning about our lives.  We have been doing this now for about ten years and it is really wonderful, and now the younger generation has started.  It is really great to see some positive input each and every day.  I will admit there are some days that I struggle to have something to post, but if I can’t find 30 things to be thankful for each year then I’m really screwed.  I will not give you my daily updates, lucky you 🙂 but I did want to share the tradition as my friends and I do very much enjoy it.  And I will share my first post this year:

Day 1 – I am thankful for social media – I live away from many family and friends and through social media I am able to keep in contact with them in ways that I would not otherwise be able to.  I can be in constant contact via text, twitter, FB, even family and friends who live out of the country via WhatsApp.  I did not have this luxury when I moved away from my family 20 years ago, we didn’t even have cell phones or the internet, so I feel so blessed to have this now.

Many people believe that social media is bad, and that we (society) has lost the ability to socialize because of it.  And perhaps that is true for some, but those people are probably socially awkward anyway (these are opinions of the writer).  I have “met” some really great people via social media so I consider myself lucky.  I have “met” some real freaks as well, but let’s be honest, you get that walking down the street.

So thank you social media, for allowing me to keep in touch, express my opinions, met new friends, expand my mind, and explore my interests.