Move Along

Move along

There’s nothing to see
just me
being me

Just me
failing again

Just me
losing a friend

Just me
down and out
in the gutter
my lucks run out

Move along
there’s nothing to see
just me

being me




Hashtag my ass
spank me please
you know my darling
I only tease

You know my dear
it’s my way to beg
for your hand firmly
on the back of my legs

Do whatever you need
to punish me
bend me baby
across your knees

Hashtag my ass
for your pleasure only
a spanking first
then, gently hold me

I loved you once; for a minute


I loved you once
for a minute
maybe two

I loved you most
when you
weren’t you

I loved best
when you
couldn’t see
when you were
blind, deaf, and weak

When you fell
from your Ivory Tower
when you had

Zero Power

I loved you when
you needed a friend
but you laughed
and spit in my hand

Now I see you’re back
and living large
the man of the hour
the man in charge

Jet-setting across the sky
hitting the clubs
long into the night

Huge ego
bigger head
but I wonder honey
are you sleeping soundly
in that bed?

I used to love you
for a minute
maybe three
before you became
the you, you’ve come to be

They Don’t Let Me Be Nice


Pushed aside
cast away
traded in
for a brand new face

my words ignored
probably deleted
here and now
I stand defeated

time to reverse
maybe even have a drink

I’ll laugh, smile and grin again
I tend to bounce back quickly
my good friends
but I have learned, and

I don’t make the same mistake twice
I’m a bitch because
don’t let me be nice

It is what it is

I have been crazy busy, and will the calendar is very full in the weeks to come.  I am excited and apprehensive about all of my new endeavors.  I have not had much time to write, this saddens me.  I have 40 drafts started because I try to get down words as they come to me, however I lack the time to finish and edit.  I continue to read and comment as this is where I find peace and calm, and I thank you all for that.  I hope to be able to post every once in a while 🙂




so I’m kind of pissed

and I shouldn’t be
because you never belonged to me
but I still really am
a little bit

and I kind of feel like shit
I’ve been a push over
and I was had
that makes me a little mad

I mean I knew it was game
I played just the same
but still I have a heart
I’m not just some tart

and I’m not a freak
I’m kind of a geek
so anyway
I just wanted to say

it just hurt bit
but I’m over it
so the best to you
and your boo

but I do miss the banter
and your amazing candor