Peculiar, and peculiar

she says

as she wonders if she really gives a damn

Peculiar, and peculiar


but she is a curious thing

Peculiar, and peculiar

she could easily dive in

Peculiar, and peculiar


she is distracted by the telephone ring




I hear Wonderland calling, it whispers my name,

I do not answer it’s call, I will not play it’s game.

I see the White Rabbit hop, out of the corner of my eye,

the Cheshire cat smiles so big, he thinks he’s being sly.

They are trying to pull me back, a little at a time,

they are trying to destroy me, to eat away my mind.

The beast wants to consume me, body and soul,

he wants to own me, not partly, but whole.

But I don’t want his non-sense, and tricky ways,

I want love, and truth, for ever lasting days.

So when the Hatter is mad and Queen ready to fight,

I close my eyes, breathe deep and smile bright.

Wonderland is far away and I am stronger still

I will not lose, I will win, my mind it is not ill.

I tell myself to hold on tight, to love truth and peace

and one day soon, images of Wonderland will surely cease.

No White Rabbit, no Cheshire cat, no Hatter in my mind

and when one day arrives, peace I may finally find.

I’m not afraid, I never was, fear, not a thing for me

I just want to sleep and wake and know that I am free.

So Wonderland, don’t call to me, don’t whisper my name,

don’t send the Rabbit, or the Hatter, I’m not playing this game.