Monday (of a Holiday week)

I give it all – But you can’t stop taking from me…
(how I feel every second of every day of a Holiday week)


Here We Are

Here We Are
I wanted to drive

I wanted to keep driving
I didn’t want stop, go to work or get out of my car
I just wanted to drive somewhere far
away from here
from everywhere

but where
where is That place?

I don’t know
I can’t remember
behind my eyes I see blurred faces
too far gone
too far past
to ever, ever get back

so where do I go
where do I drive

I could go North
to visit the family, those still alive
to visit old friends
those who still talk to me
I could drive
knock on their door and see
if they’d like to sit and talk
visit awhile
over coffee

I could drive west
look up an old boyfriend
or two
but then what would I do
they are “old” for a reason
so I think I’ll
let that be

so I will
sit right here
and “oh, woe is me”

I drove to work
got out of my car
drank some coffee
here we are

Just Another Afternoon

it’s Tuesday afternoon

everyone has an emergency

what does that mean

for lil’ ol’ me

my schedule is pushed back

I’m running late

I had to call Johnny

to cancel our date

I don’t have time

to go out anyway

I have finials next week

I have to study

I shouldn’t play

and on my mind

things heavy still weigh

I’ve made an

extra pot of coffee

this afternoon

I’ll need the extra

“pick me up”

we can assume

oh – there goes phone

someone else in dire need

“hi, how can I help you”

“it’s my pleasure, indeed”

Man’s World


it’s hard to be a woman
in a man’s world

I got it, I get it

believe me I’m thankful
for the chances I get
although sometimes
I sleep with regret

I come in too early
I stay way too late
I kiss too much ass
but I still take names

and as I’m planning
my weekend full of classes
I am balancing an
open house for the masses

then next week,
Thursday night
a late evening conference
is my plight

learning about the new
I need knowledge,
by buckets
to survive

I’m a working woman
in a man’s world
this isn’t diamonds
and it sure ain’t pearls

there is someone out there
anxious to take my place
there is someone out there
with a younger, fresher face

there is someone out there
who is willing to offer more
so I fight each time
a littler harder than before

yes, I’m just a woman
in a man’s world
and you are just a boy
and I am just a girl